Quantum Canker Care Plus Gel

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Quantum Canker Care Plus Gel Description: Oral Pain Reliever. Immediate pain relief, soothing protective gel, lysine and 12 healing herbs. Fifty-six million Americans suffer from canker sores. They’re painful, nasty, and difficult to eliminate. Most canker sore products provide pain relief, but do not help heal the sores. The healthful, natural nutrients in Canker Care+ do both. Canker Care + is a soothing liquid that forms a protective gel on the canker sore. The soft applicator brush is gentle on even the most sensitive canker sores. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Features: Quantum Canker Care Plus Gel Directions Apply to affected area up to 4 times a day, or as directed by doctor or dentist. Warnings Do not use this product for more than 7 consecutive days unless directed by a health professional. If sore mouth symptoms do not improve in 7 days; If irritation, pain or redness worsens; or if swelling, rash or fever develops, see your doctor or dentist. Do exceed recommended dosage. Aoivd contact with eyes. Keep this and all out of reach of children. Ingredients: Menthol (0.5%). InPUrified water, vegetable glycerin, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, polysorbate 20, cellulose gum, lysine, licorice (DGL), glycerine, calendula extract, certified organic aloe vera gel, zinc gluconate, peppermint oil, echinacea ex

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Real Estate Scorecard is an industry leader of online real estate reviews, keeping buyers informed about what’s happening at the most popular gated communities and best cities to live in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Pampering gated communities across the globe have rediscovered an old fashioned way to a retiree’s heart – delectable cuisine served at home or in the neighborhood leaving them begging for more. Savory food and days lived in a paradise, that’s Costa Rica. Atlanta real estate developers, Gary and Matt Carter saw the trend and have brought organic Chef Megan Davis to Las Ventanas del Mar as their Chef in Residence.

Davis began her culinary training in North Carolina. She trained under Mary Hataway, a renowned American female chef and currently the owner and chef at Soiree Catering in Atlanta. After mastering the skills, Davis ran her own catering business for a few years in Atlanta and then was hired as a private chef for an Atlanta family. She’s an experienced gardener and the co-owner of an organic farm. When she speaks about food, you can see her eyes sparkle with a passion for cooking and good health. Her culinary focus is centered on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. In Costa Rica, she states “the fresh fruits and locally caught seafood are incredibly flavorful”.

As the resident chef at Las Ventanas del Mar, Davis masterfully prepares delishness on demand whether its poolside, for private dinners in residents homes, for the community’s social gatherings or as part of the community’s new culinary educational events. The setting at Las Ventanas del Mar could not be more beautiful! This Guanacaste gated community in Costa Rica is built on a mountain top overlooking the unspoiled Playa Carrillo beach and blue green water reaching the horizon. Relaxing verandas with outdoor seating border the dreamy, infinity edge swimming pool. After an extraordinary meal prepared by Davis, the colorful sunsets and layered mountains seen poolside will burn a memory in your mind you’ll never forget.

Last month, Davis invited a guest chef to Las Ventanas del Mar for the community’s new Culinary Getaways. Atlanta based Massimo Andreozzi was thrilled with the opportunity to bring a taste of Italy to the neighborhood when he trekked south this past June. Originally a native of Naples, Italy, Andreozzi brings more than a decade of experience tossing and baking traditional Neapolitan pizza to his role as the Fritti head pizzaiolo, where he’s a Head Chef now.

Las Ventanas del Mar’s Culinary Getaways are a three day foodie experience in one of the most beautiful Guanacaste gated communities Real Estate Scorecard has seen in Central America. Here’s what to expect:


3 Days of Hands on Cooking Classes and Demos

Pampering Vacation Centered Around Food Paired with Fine Wines

Relaxing Massages and Local Coffee Plantation Tour


24 Hour Manned Gated Entrance

9,000 Square Foot Resort-style Infinity Edge Pool and Jacuzzi

Community Gardens Poolside

Two Acre Fresh Water Lake Stocked with Fish

Three Lake Ranchos Entertainment Pavilions with Gas Grills

Two Lighted Tennis Courts

Bocce Ball Court

Outdoor Gym

The sounds of cooing songbirds and howler monkeys reminded the team of how unspoiled Costa Rica remains. In fact, Real Estate Scorecard can state from experience, folks will see more wildlife in Costa Rica than anywhere in Central America. There are two nearby beaches to explore: Playa Carrillo, at the base of Las Ventanas del Mar and Playa Samara. Beach cafes, horseback riding on the beach and street vendors selling local crafts are common to see at Playa Samara. Playa Carrillo is unspoiled and is one of the prettiest walking beaches Real Estate Scorecard had the pleasure of beach combing. Beyond Samara, there are volcanoes to explore and the finest big game fishing in the world.

Often times, people who visit Costa Rica catch ‘Pura Vida’ fever or a desire for the ‘pure life’ never wanting to leave. Las Ventanas del Mar makes it easy to obtain a beautiful home. This Guanacaste gated communities offers townhomes, luxury condominiums and single family homes. Not too big, not too small, Las Ventanas del Mar is just the right size master-planned community.

Take a peek at Las Ventanas del Mar homes.

Getting to Las Ventanas del Mar is easy. Liberia International is the closest airport or you can fly into San Jose International. JetBlue recently added service from more than a dozen US cities.

Contact Matt Carter at Las Ventanas del Mar to check on availability for the upcoming Culinary Getaways or to stay on property any time.

Call 404.418.4970

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Real Estate Scorecard writes unbiased real estate reviews providing in-depth information about popular gated communities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, all in an effort to help people discover where to retire in the Southeast.

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Posted On: Atlanta, Georgia July 29, 2014


Killer G’s

Yeah, the Dayton family i... By: The Dayton Family Original
Yeah, the Dayton family in this bitch for the 9-6 fool
Know what I’m sayin DTS
and I ain’t talkin about downtown security bitch
Dayton Avenue be true nigga

I’m out for murder motherfuckers get prepared to go
And when I toot I gotta shoot and leave hoes cold in snow
My whole objective in this game is kill and show no pain
Get a fool for his chains
and raise more throws and blows than Dana Dane
I’m always strappin on the jackin for your chains I’m droolin
And checkin socks for the fat knots who the fuck you think you foolin
Runnin from the sirens, stop the violence I ain’t heard that shit
Come in the hood, park at the club and find your ride on bricks
Down where I dwell, them boys ain’t? so motherfuck your crew
Bring weed I smoke and sell more coke than Coca-Cola do
I’m built to last, up in that ass my crew makes all the noise
How you lookin like Emmitt Smith, runnin back to get your boys
Its do or die and bitch believe me I’m not tryin to go
Many men have tried and failed, but those that failed can come no more
I pledge allegiance to the flag, but there ain’t no stars or stripes
Just thugs, a bunch of drugs and the big thick bitches with crack pipes
A vigilante gettin panties by some jaked up flake
To much to count, I stack amount ain’t nothin about me fake

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: The Dayton Family
Track Name: Killer G’s


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The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets

The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets

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One of the largest online shopping sites of Islamic clothes, EastEssence.com will be rolling out their food and clothing donation camp on the occasion of Ramadan.

One of the largest online shopping sites of Islamic clothes, EastEssence.com will be rolling out their food and clothing donation camp on the occasion of Ramadan. This is an attempt to share love and spread hope to the needy. Over 1000 unused modest clothes will be distributed to the indigent families. Various modest clothing options like Hijabs, Jibabs, Abayas, Thobes, Kurtis, Salwaar-Kameez, Tunics, Skirts, Pants, Jackets, Hoodies, Tees and Dishdasha, to name but a few will be distributed among the people. Along with this, Iftaari dinner drives will also be organized across major cities in USA.

Volunteer organizations willing to contribute can help EastEssence.com in organizing these drives in Michigan, New York, Virginia, Miami, Texas, Mexico, Los Angeles and Palo Alto. This holy month of Ramadan, the organization aims at helping as many less fortunate people as they can. Donations are welcome and once the locations are announced people willing to extend a helping hand can bring clothes (in good condition) and any food item. EastEssence.com values the donation made by the volunteers and ensures that the donations are used in effective ways – by catering to those who are in most need of clothes and food.

Ramadan is all about sharing and giving, and charity is one of the key observances. The Iftar meals are an important part of Ramadan and clothes are essential for every individual. Keeping in mind both these factors, tents will be set up and free meals will be offered to the people willing to break their fast at dusk and clothes will also be distributed. There can be nothing better than helping the needy and Ramadan is the perfect time to show people you love and care for them. These generous acts are the best way to seek forgiveness for any past sins, purify the soul and pray for proper guidance.

About EastEssence.com

EastEssence.com is a reputed name in the world of online shopping. Offering modest Islamic clothes, the portal has brought together a unique blend of traditions and style. This journey started way back in 2007 from the Silicon Valley of California, USA, and today the services are being provided to around 2,50,000 customers across 68 countries. The fashionistas can choose from a wide range of apparels right from Jilbabs, Abayas, Thobes, Burqa, Hajj and Umrah wear, Tunics, Namaz and Prayer wear, Hijabs, Hoodies, Dishdashas, Pants, Kurtis, Shoes to Jewelery and accessories. Keeping care of all the rules and regulations that need to be followed in Islam, these apparels are designed in sweat-free certified factories by highly trained professionals.

Charity being the prime motive of the organization, the profits that are gained are utilized to support noble initiatives like ‘Giving Back Program’ and ‘Scholarship Programs’.

Volunteers willing to be a part of the drive can reach out to EastEssence at volunteerforus(at)eastessence(dot)com.

For more information, log on to http://www.eastessence.com.

Feel free to contact at (510) 943-4040 and you can even write at webmaster(at)eastessence(dot)com.

We look forward for your support and appreciation.

Posted On: Milpitas, California July 24, 2014


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