Vlogbrothers Episode: A Goat Giving Birth (2009)
Two brothers who reconnected via YouTube and now connect with hundreds of thousands of awesome people every day.
Year: 2007
Type: TV Series
Run time:
Genre: Documentary, Comedy, Music, News
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3 Beds – Thorn Run Apartments

Garden Style Apartment Homes, On-Site Dedicated Management, Guaranteed Personal Service, Spacious
Category: Apartments for Rent
Moon Township
3 Beds - Thorn Run Apartments
3 Beds - Thorn Run Apartments
3 Beds - Thorn Run Apartments


Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love

Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love Episode: Couple’s Therapy/Dating Deiondra (2008)
A reality show centered on former pro athlete Deion Sanders, his wife, and their five children, all of whom live in the small town of Prosper, Texas.
Year: 2008
Type: TV Series
Director: Charles Davis, Kevin Lee
Cast: Deion Sanders, Deiondra Sanders, Pilar Sanders
Run time:
Genre: Reality-TV
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Run’s House

Run's House Episode: Run’s Family Vacation (2005)
Vanessa gets a modeling job in Colorado, and Dad decides that her shoot would be the perfect end of summer family vacation.
Year: 2005
Type: TV Series
Director: Chad Griepentrog, Gary Shaffer
Cast: Joseph Simmons Jr., Russell Simmons Jr., Angela Simmons
Run time:
Genre: Documentary, Music, Reality-TV
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The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

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Destiny Image Publishers is pleased to announce the release of “Purposeful Parenting: Six Steps to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids” from author Jean S. Barnes. With all the right interventions—and a lifetime of experience—Barnes is helping people to become the best parent they can—and to produce families that operate in love and grace, allowing parents and children alike to thrive.

No one is naturally born a good parent—it takes hard work, determination, and passionate intention to raise children right. In the end, we can either parent on purpose for a purpose—or idly sit back and allow everything else in the world to shape children into the men and women they will become. How a person parents directly impacts who their children are and who they will become.

Based on both Biblical wisdom and best practices in psychology, “Purposeful Parenting” provides six essential practices/guiding principles for successfully raising children: love unconditionally, discipline without guilt or regret, pursue passion and purpose, develop character from the inside out, grow in responsibility and persevere to the end.

Author Jean Barnes writes from experience as a mother and grandmother. She has been divorced, single, a widow–in every role–and a teacher with 10 years experience and a counselor and school psychologist for 35 years. She has seen these six principles work, personally and professionally, and has filled the book with all these perspectives, plus examples, practical tools, inspiration, and encouragement. She implores parents to be steady, practice these things we know from psychological study and from God’s Word—and to work and do these things over and over as the child grows. Barnes does not make empty promises—for example that the child or the parent will be perfect—but that both parent and child will be and feel better as they grow stronger and wiser; and that these principles will carry the family through life.


Jean Barnes is a veteran educator and pioneer in recognizing the importance of teacher-parent collaboration for the benefit of children. She’s taught preschool through high school in ten school systems across the country nationally recognized as “outstanding,” and been hailed for her work as a school psychologist, counselor, and team leader.

Jean served the Capistrano Unified School District’s diagnostic assessment, after retiring in 1999 from twenty years at Fairfield Public Schools. She pioneered the groundbreaking Family Growth seminars that rouses parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of children. Her model program in 1983 earned a grant by the State of Connecticut, was published in Promising Practice in Special Education and Students Services, and lead to professional development seminars for psychologists and counselors. A second model program that she created, Love and Discipline (1990), and a third that she inspired and helped shape, The Teacher-Parent Connection (1997), were presented upon request and are recommended by the National Association of School Psychologists. With ten years in the classroom and forty-five years total as an educator, and as a mom in a variety of roles (married, divorced and raising young children on her own, and then remarried and widowed and parenting adult children), Jean Barnes knows what works for parents and children to grow together. And her knowledge, experience, and effective practices are trusted by parents.

Jean earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a masters from the University of Cincinnati, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in psychology from Fairfield University. Her doctoral studies in marriage and family therapy, as well as human development at the University of Connecticut, shaped many of her principles that help children thrive.


“There are plenty of parenting books that will tell you to love your children even in the tough times, but in “Purposeful Parenting,” Jean Barnes tells us how to love them and how to transform the challenges into life-changing events for our children. She goes beyond the ‘what to do’ to the ‘why to do it’ while guiding us to inject purpose and meaning into the life of each child. This is so rich, and you will be such a better parent for integrating the principals into how you are raising your kids.” – Stephen Arterburn, Founder of New Life Ministries and Host of “New Life Live”

“I wish I had “Purposeful Parenting” when I first became a parent. The wisdom, insight, and practical lessons found within this book will put you light-years ahead in your parenting. Not only will it empower you as a parent, but it will help create a lasting legacy in your kids. If I could read just one book this year on parenting this would be it!” – Pastor Tommy Hilliker, Pastor of Membership at Saddleback Church

“Parenting is the highest and best of all roles, and we are all so unprepared for it. Jean Barnes has written a thoughtful and yet practical book to resource you. Not to be missed.” – John Townsend, Ph.D., “New York Times” bestselling author and Founder of the Townsend Institute of Leadership and Counseling

“You can be the parent you’ve always wanted to be—the parent God wants and your kids need, the parent with a purpose. Your life at home with your kids can be calmer, clearer, healthier, and happier today, starting right now.” – Dr. Jill Hubbard, “New Life Live” Radio

Interviews, review copies and giveaway copies are available upon request.

Destiny Image, located in Shippensburg, Pa, was founded in 1983 by Pastor Don Nori, Sr. It seeks to accurately represent authors who have a call to share God’s present word to His people and to make these authors easily accessible to the Christian body around the world in every form of media possible.


Brad Herman

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Posted On: Shippensburg, PA May 19, 2015

When utilized efficiently and effectively, digital platforms have serious revenue potential–particularly for local publishers. Here Shweiki Media teams up with Bryan Ostrovsky of Locable to present a must-watch webinar with strategies for monetizing digital assets.

There are plenty of ways that one can make money and deliver value, build an audience and establish oneself as the anchored tenant in a local community—it just comes down to finding the right way and, of course, doing it right. Here Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Brian Ostrovsky, founder and CEO of Locable, to present local print publishers with a must-watch webinar on the right way to monetize digital.

Print is Not Dying

At Locable, they have a worldview that “print is not dying, but print-only businesses are.” The simple reality is that this is a multi-dimensional world, and businesses are looking for multi-dimensional solutions. Therefore, one must be able to provide a multi-dimensional approach and convey the value of each dimension along the way.

Locable helps publishers maximize the assets they already have in place. Its network is about 80 strong and they work with local magazines, newspapers and independent, online-only publishers.

Think Differently: See the World through a Solutions Approach

To be successful in this world, the first thing a person must do is think differently and look at the world through a solutions approach. A solutions approach involves solving real problems by creating solutions that are unique to the situation and the problem, rather than merely solving a problem in the cheapest or most competitive manner.

Every consumer goes through the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model when making a purchase, and different types of advertisements and promotions play to different levels on the AIDA model. Understanding how they fit together will help one be more effective not only in the selling process but also when it comes to delivering solutions.

It’s important for one to position themselves as the marketing expert and not let the potential client/consumer say no. One should present the prospect with an answer they can’t refuse and help them understand the reality of the situation.

Driving Revenue, Traffic and Engagement

Many people might think that they would love to make money from digital but feel that they do not have enough traffic to their site, their Facebook page is not very impressive, or they do not have an email list. Traditionally, this would be a problem, but the traditional process is no longer valid. In fact, Ostrovsky’s process will help one make money and deliver value in the short term while simultaneously growing one’s audience for long-term revenue growth.

Here are a few strategies:

  • Social promotions
  • Sponsored content-articles, columns, featured events, guides
  • Sponsored emails and coupons
  • Site sponsors/charter sponsors
  • Audience extension
  • IMPACT-Web Presence

The last two are the most important. This is because these are the two areas local publishers probably won’t be able to handle on their own.

Why Lead with Community Sponsors?

Leading with community sponsors allows one to convey value ahead of details. The good and bad aspect of digital is that there are so many valuable offerings that can be delivered, so the best course of action is to offer simple. One should convey the value, which make saying yes easier and helps get the conversation going. It’s important to remember that this is the start, not the finish, so one should begin with the simple things and work off that into sales conversations.

With digital in particular, editorial and revenue activities can play nicely together without breaking the rules.

Social Promotions and Guides–Getting Paid to Grow An Audience!

Social promotions are giveaways, sweepstakes or contests. They run through social media and how one runs social promotions matters. For example, Idaho Falls Magazine joined Locable and sold three week-long social promotions, which were executed on their behalf by Locable over the course of six weeks.

The results:

  • 1,000 new Facebook likes
  • 250 new email opt-ins to their email list

This is the epitome of doing something today that will make money and grow an audience in the long term. Now Idaho Falls has a thousand more people following them on Facebook and 250 more people they can reach via email for the next event.

Likewise, guides are another great way to build an audience. For example, Locable did the Area Holiday Light Show Guide for Mansfield Magazine. The sponsor was a local print advertiser who spent a couple hundred dollars. It elevated engagement and spawned follow-on content. It is best to ride these waves seasonally throughout the year.

There are always things one can tap into when selling sponsorships, and there are also things that work at any point during the year. Does a sponsor influence content? Absolutely not. Is it great for them to be associated? Absolutely.

Social Promotions and Added Value

Social promotions have the ability to serve as tremendous, highly shareable sales tools. There is constantly ongoing, interactive play between revenue activities and editorial activities.

User-Inspired Content: To acquire user-inspired content, once can post a simple question to the Facebook page such as “What would you like to see in 2015?” If one has a Facebook page that gets a lot of engagement, they can generate a lot of engagement and potentially gain viral reach.

Calendar and Directory: It’s important for every local site to have a robust calendar and directory, because too often those two pieces are forgotten. The calendar and directory need to be part of the strategy.

The Days of Cold Calls are Numbered

The days of cold calls are numbered because every single lead in the community can be done in a warm way.

Today, there are many ways to reach out to a business without making a cold call. One can write an article mentioning a business, feature a business’s event, or add a business to their directory listing as a free form of promotion, and then send the business a notification to alert them to it. This starts a conversation in which one has already given the prospect something. It is best to follow up a few weeks later by reaching out again, asking how else one can help and whether or not the prospect has any questions. Suddenly, a lead that was originally pretty cold has been made quite a bit warmer.

Monetizing Audiences

When looking at monetizing an audience, one should go beyond audiences and start thinking of it in terms of an agency. One can sell ads with audience extension, which reaches locals on nationwide websites. In other words, one can sell ads that will appear on other people’s websites, such as Better Homes and Garden, but only target locals in the interested zip codes. All the data is based on Nielsen, ComScore and Quantcast to target the appropriate audience.

Whether the goal is trying to make a little more money, make digital a more prominent, effective piece of the business, or become the local leader in the community, it is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Unlike print, where one has to put out a specific number of pages with a specific number of ads, digital can be done step by step.

Click here to watch the webinar now!

Shweiki Media’s mission has always been to help publishers improve by providing the most profitable, hassle-free printing experience possible. This includes guaranteeing the highest quality product, exceptional customer service, world-class communication, an on-time guarantee, and no surprises–whether printing magazines, postcards, flyers or anything else.

As a printer and publisher, Shweiki Media also believes that this hassle-free experience includes making their clients better. Utilizing relationships with industry experts, Shweiki Media strives to educate clients and help them thrive in the exciting world of publishing–while having lots of fun along the way!

For more great info from and about Shweiki Media, please check out our blog at (and sign up for our free weekly expert webinars!), and subscribe to our Youtube Channel at  You can also follow us @ShweikiMedia and “like” us at

Posted On: Austin, TX May 19, 2015


Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful

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Family Was Rednecks

Family Was Rednecks

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