Last night, in a historic speech, President Obama announced that he will use his executive powers to help millions of undocumented immigrants

Last night, in a historic speech, President Obama announced that he will use his executive powers to help millions of undocumented immigrants come out of the shadows and obtain temporary permission to live in this country without fear of deportation. The President is releasing a sweeping package of policy reforms to alter the way the immigration laws are enforced in this country. We know some of the specifics, but all of these changes will be worked out more fully in the next few weeks.

ICE officials announced to the American Immigration Lawyers Association last month that its legal counsel will now agree to reopen old deportation cases where the foreign national is in a lawful, bona fide same-sex marriage that makes him or her eligible for immigration relief.

“This is a huge deal for undocumented immigrants for whom Congress has done nothing in the past decade,” says Atlanta immigration lawyer Karen Weinstock, an immigration attorney in Georgia with the firm of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers.

However, as Attorney Weinstock explains: “None of these changes have gone into affect yet, and there are currently no new applications that you can file to obtain immigration benefits. Therefore, you should consult with a competent and reputable attorney who specializes in immigration law”, says immigration attorney in Atlanta Karen Weinstock.

“The new policy is permissible under the President’s executive authority. Many of these programs are already in place such as deferred action, however there are sweeping changes in increased number of qualified people to receive these benefits,” said the immigration attorney in Atlanta.

“DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which is currently in place, will be extended to include all people who arrived here as young children without age limitation. Currently the program is limited to people who are under age 30. Other eligibility requirements include good moral character, graduation from high school or enrollment in a GED program”, added the Atlanta immigration attorney.

“The new plan also will give Deferred Action to parents of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents, which like DACA will give work authorization, driver’s license and defense from removal for immigrants who are here illegally. Some other eligibility requirements include length of time in the U.S., good moral character, payment of taxes, etc.,” said the immigration attorney in GA.

“In addition, enforcement priorities will shift to deport only terrorists, criminals and those who pose a danger to our communities instead of the massive deportations of undocumented workers. It is a great bold effort by the President to do something to help so many people while Congress can consider a permanent solution. I applaud the President for this action”, concluded the immigration lawyer in Georgia.

About Weinstock Immigration Lawyers:

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is a premier Atlanta immigration law firm and its immigration attorneys specialize in helping companies and individuals achieve the American dream by providing legal assistance for a comprehensive list of immigration needs. Our immigration lawyers are proactive, responsive and caring and we are committed to providing quality and efficient service, and as a result we are one of the top ranking immigration law firms. We were chosen as one of the Best Immigration Law Firms by Best Lawyers®.

Media Contact: Karen Weinstock


Kweinstock (at) visa-pros (dot) com


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1294 Heather Drive

Fabulous home located on a large corner lot with views to the valley and beyond.
Joan Irish has this 3 bedrooms / 3 bathroom property available at 1294 Heather Dr in Murphys for 9900.00. Please call (209) 743-4421 to arrange a viewing.
Category: Single-Family Houses
1294 Heather Drive


Taste of Dis

(Vamp:)<br />
I'm gettin' off a... By: Brooke Valentine Original
I’m gettin’ off about six
I’m rollin’ through the hood so anxious
Hitting up a party without a care
I told my girls, “I’ll meet ya there!”

(Verse 1:)
Tell me what sitting at home has done for you lately
Pick up your rump, shake a leg, bounce to the beat
Don’t know why your posted up on your feet
‘Cause it’s so hot in here I know you can feel the heat

(Pre Hook:)
I’m feeling good
I’m looking good
I’m pedicured
I think I’m ready
We’re the fliest chicks
Up in the spot
From coast to coast
We hold it down fa sho

My money, my hair, my nails fixed
My walk, my clothes, my limp
My girls, no man, don’t need shit
And I can tell you want a taste of this

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Jump out ya seat and clap clap yo’ hands
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This junk in da trunk will put a bump in ya pants

I know you wanna taste of this
I can read your mind
I can read your lips

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: Brooke Valentine
Track Name: Taste of Dis


Painting Songs

It must be something in t... By: Tegan and Sara Original
It must be something in the way you walk
It must be something in the way you talk
I’m not sure just yet

It must be something in the way you dream
You just go home and the thirteen days
Inbetween you and I

This is me before I fall apart
This is me before I come undone
I’ve been tired for days and days
I’ve been tired for days and days

What should matter that a fortune don’t
All the beauty and I say stop
Why won’t you be mine?

It must be something in the way you taste
It’s a magic source and I say stop
Why won’t you be mine?

This is me before I fall apart

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: Tegan and Sara
Track Name: Painting Songs

3 Arts Entertainment / RCG / FX Productions / FX
Seen on Season 9 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

AIMS Hosts their New York City AIMS360 Certification class from November 10-12 and receives great reviews from attendees.

AIMS 360, the apparel industry’s leading fashion software hosted their New York Certification Training Class November 10-12. In attendance were key people from 30 top apparel companies around the Eastern Region. The three day class, taught by Scott Allen (Director of training for AIMS360), offered an in-depth live training of the NEW AIMS360 apparel ERP software.

In the three days, attendees learned how to use key areas of the software such as distribution, manufacturing and wholesaling. The class touched base on important functions within AIMS360 and of an apparel business including costing/retail math, spec sheets, order entry & distribution, inventory management, pick tickets, invoicing, and much more. On the last day of class, these industry experts were given the certification exam, and those that passed received an AIMS360 Certification. “Each student expressed great gratitude for the class and many passed on positive remarks as to how beneficial the class was and how they will be able to incorporate it into their job.”, said Chris Walia, AIMS360 Director of Business Development & Marketing.

With many positive comments and class attendees telling peers about the benefits of live-training, AIMS has already received many requests for another NYC Certification Class. “We will be announcing our next New York AIMS360 Certification Class in the next few weeks” says, Shahrooz Kohan, COO of AIMS 360.

About AIMS360

AIMS360 offers the most robust and fully integrated apparel inventory software solution for importers, distributors and manufactures of apparel, footwear, accessories, and other fashion related goods. With over 30years of experience, AIMS ties cutting-edge technology with all facets of your business. AIMS 360’ product suite is comprehensive, feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to implement, and is compatible on a laptop, PC, Mac, iPad and any Windows 8 devices. Solutions are available for on-site applications and in the cloud.

The AIMS360 apparel ERP system offers complete inventory management, time and action, multiple windows, high-level dashboards, business intelligence, custom reporting and much more. Solutions are available in the Cloud or for on-premises. The Cloud-based AIMS360 reduces costs and utilizes the latest .NET and Microsoft SQL platforms. AIMS is the only software being taught in schools and universities across the nation.

AIMS is a Microsoft Partner and Gold Competency Holder in Application Development, Data Platform and Mobility and, a QuickBooks Gold Developer. The AIMS360 inventory-management system provides the most professional and up-to-date applications including: AIMS RemoteLink (order taking on the go for iPad and Windows 8 Devices), AIMS EasyShop (online retail shopping cart), AIMS WebLink (online wholesale shopping cart), AIMS GL Integration/POS Integration with QuickBooks, UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping integration, AIMS360 Enterprise Business Intelligence, and simple EDI integration. Connect AIMS 360 with any third party solution (JOOR, NuOrder, Brandboom, Shopify, and Magento to name a few).

Whether a small, medium or large business, AIMS360 is the most robust and affordable ERP system in the industry. No other apparel ERP system is built on the most advanced technological platforms like ours. Grow your business and increase your ROI, get the industry’s leading ERP software, AIMS360!

To learn more about the AIMS360 Certification Class and for your FREE demo of the AIMS360 software, contact us today and see why so many clothing manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, and other types of apparel businesses rely on AIMS360!

Call 310-361-5710 or 646-873-7675 | info(at)aims360(dot)com |

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More Women Preserving Fertility with Egg Freezing

In response to a growing number of younger women seeking to freeze their eggs, Olive Fertility Centre has created an information video on new egg freezing technology.

A recent study in the medical journal Lancet (4 October 2014) recommends that all women in their 20′s or 30′s should have the chance to freeze their egg in case they want a child later in life. In response to demands from their female employees, Facebook and Apple are now offering health coverage for freezing and storing eggs to women who want to delay child bearing. In Vancouver, Olive Fertility Centre has been seeing a growing number of younger women seeking to freeze their eggs and have created an Egg Freezing video.

A few years ago, this option wouldn’t have been available as eggs usually didn’t survive the thawing process. According to Dr Gary Nakhuda, a fertility specialist at Olive Fertility, a new technique called “vitrification” has changed everything. “With vitrification, the eggs are frozen so quickly that damaging ice crystals don’t get a chance to form. This makes them much more likely to survive thawing at a later date. However, this technology is very new and there’s no guarantee that the eggs will lead to successful pregnancy when they are implanted via IVF years later.”

A 2012 Stats Canada study shows that infertility rates in Canada have almost doubled in the last two decades. This is in part due to the fact that, on average, women are starting their families later in life. Currently, the average age of women having a first birth in Canada is 30 years of age and 24% of all births are to women over 35.

Not only does the quantity of eggs decline as a woman ages but the quality declines as well. Poor egg quality leads to a higher rate of infertility, more frequent miscarriages, and a greater risk of chromosomal disorders in the offspring.

“I see women in their late 30′s and early 40′s who exercise, eat well and look young for their age, and they can’t understand why they are having trouble getting pregnant,” says Dr Nakhuda. “The fact is that 40 is not the new 30 when it comes to fertility. Your eggs are exactly as old as you are. This is why Olive created a video explaining egg freezing. We want women to know what’s involved in freezing their eggs.”

“But even though this technique is very promising, it shouldn’t be considered fertility insurance,” cautions Dr Nakhuda. “Unfortunately, even freezing numerous eggs cannot guarantee that a healthy pregnancy will always be possible. However, recent evidence suggests the success of egg freezing is now on par with traditional IVF, and is especially favourable in women under 37.”

The process begins in exactly the same way as traditional IVF, which involves injecting medications that stimulate egg growth to the point they can be harvested. However, instead of fertilizing the eggs with sperm, they are frozen unfertilized, and stored until a woman is ready to conceive sometime in the future. At that point, the eggs are thawed and fertilized to hopefully result in viable embryos that can then be transferred into the uterus.

While egg freezing is not a sure thing, some women feel that it eases the pressure of trying to find Mr Right or allows them to complete their education, pay off their student loan or pursue that career opportunity without feeling overwhelmed by the ticking of their biological clock.

Olive Fertility Centre is one of Canada’s largest fertility clinics, offering an advanced IVF lab, personal care teams and innovative programs that include the Embryoscope, specialized genetic testing, egg freezing, and prenatal NIPT testing.

Posted On: Vancouver, Canada October 24, 2014



The perfect VENUE and RESORT for your memorable moment. “An unexpected paradise within your reach” Just 15 minutes away from SM Novaliches, 20 minutes away f…


2 Beds – Blue Bell Village

Woodburning Fireplaces, Pets allowed, Washer/Dryer Connections, Playing Fields, Free Front Yard
Category: Apartments for Rent
2 Beds - Blue Bell Village
2 Beds - Blue Bell Village
2 Beds - Blue Bell Village


It’s Not YouTube … it’s ellentube! (And Yes, There Will Be Cats!)

Social Media Superstar/Emmy®-Winning Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres, with More than 100 Million Views Per Month on YouTube, to Harness Power of More Than 65 Million Social Media Followers and TV Series Website which Generates 90 Million Monthly Page Views, toward New Digital Destination (and iOS App) for Ellen-Related Video

Earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres made headlines with an Oscar®-night selfie that set Twitter records and cemented her standing as the savviest of social media superstars. Now, the Emmy®-winning talk show host is doubling down on the digital domain and asking her millions of viewers and online followers, friends and subscribers to join her for the launch of ellentube (, an all-new digital destination and iOS application featuring exclusive online video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show and clips from the daily program, as well as user-generated content submitted by Ellen show viewers and fans of DeGeneres. All content on the new site and app will be Ellen-friendly and curated by DeGeneres and her team.

DeGeneres has long been a lovable leader in the digital space, with a massive, friendly following across numerous platforms, including:

  •     YouTube, where TheEllenShow channel averages more than 100 million views per month, has generated nearly three billion video views and has more than 10 million subscribers
  •     Twitter, where Ellen is the #1 most-followed TV personality on the service, with the show’s feed at @TheEllenShow boasting more than 33 million followers
  •     Facebook, where she’s the #1 TV host on the social network, with more than 16 million “likes” for the show’s official page at
  •     Instagram, where @TheEllenShow ranks as the #1 TV show, with more than six million followers
  •     Social gaming, where Ellen’s Heads Up! app debuted as the #1 paid game app in May 2013 and has more than 5.5 million downloads to date
  •     And, the official website of her daily talk show, which generates more than 100 million page views monthly (All stats as of October 2014)

ellentube was created by DeGeneres in concert with Ellen show executive producers Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner. Fans visiting ellentube will be able to upload their own funny, touching, one-of-a-kind videos, with user-generated submissions to be reviewed by the Ellen team before being posted to the site, with the best user videos being considered for possible showcase on the Ellen show.

And yes, there will be cats … and kids … and celebrities … and lots of laughs … and a whole lot more. A must-visit destination for fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen herself, ellentube will be organized around video playlists drawing from a number of the most popular Ellen video categories. Here’s how Ellen herself describes them:

  •     Cats: “This is what the Internet is all about — cat videos. The working title for this website was ‘Ellen’s Cat Video Emporium,’ but we decided to make it a little more broad.”
  •     Kids: “Who doesn’t love kids? Portia and I don’t have kids of our own. But we love to watch their funny videos. It’s essentially the same as parenting our own child, as any parent will tell you.”
  •     Funny: “The title says it all. These videos are all going to make you laugh. Or chuckle. Or LOL. Or ROTFL. Or LSHYFWDII. (That stands for Laugh So Hard You Forget What Day It Is.)”
  •     Incredible: “The Internet is full of epic wins caught on tape, and that’s what you’re getting here. Prepare to be blown away.”
  •     Trending: “Here’s where all of my current favorite videos are going to live, both from my show and around the world. Make sure to check back and see what’s trending!”
  •     Celebrity Scares: “If you’re a celebrity, and you’ve been to my show, you can probably bet what this category is all about. Honestly, the fact that any celebrities are still willing to sit next to me is a miracle.”
  •     Heads Up!: “My favorite thing about my app Heads Up! is that it records you while you’re playing it. Now those funny videos y’all send to me wind up right here. Enjoy.”

Ellen DeGeneres said: “I am so excited to tell you about this. It’s a new thing called ellentube, and it’s a place that you can find videos that are hilarious and interesting. We’re going to post things from the show that you won’t see anywhere else. And what makes our site different than any other place is that if you accidentally type in a wrong word, you’re not going to stumble upon something that’s bad or mean or something like that. You know how that can happen. So everything on the site is fun, and there is nothing mean-spirited. And if you have a video that you want me to see, I’d love to see it. So you can send it to me by uploading it on ellentube, and that way I see it right away. It goes straight to me.”

Mike Darnell said: “Ellen DeGeneres’ amazing ability to inspire, entertain and engage people from around the world has made her the queen of social media with more than 100 million monthly views on YouTube. With the creation of ellentube, she is putting all of that incredible video content in one Ellen-friendly place, giving her viewers and fans a place to post their content and be part of her community.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producers Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner said: “ellentube seems like the next obvious evolution of our show. We already search the Internet for inspiring and hilarious guests, and now we have a place where we can share them with the world 24 hours a day. We had been posting them on Friendster and no one was seeing them.”

Additional Information About ellentube

  •     To watch Ellen make the announcement of ellentube on her show, click here:
  •     In addition to viewing content from the ellentube site on a computer, tablet or mobile device, Ellen fans can also download the ellentube iOS application. The app will launch on the iPhone concurrent with the website, with an iPad release to follow shortly thereafter.
  •     The iOS app allows users to upload video clips by either capturing video from within the app or selecting existing videos from their device’s library. The “Watchlist” feature gives users the ability to create a list of videos they like and want to save for viewing later.
  •     Target, a partner of The Ellen DeGeneres Show this season, has also signed on as the official launch sponsor of ellentube.

Ellen Digital Ventures

  •     The unveiling of ellentube marks the first initiative from the recently formed Ellen Digital Ventures, a new business created by WBTVG and DeGeneres that will extend Ellen’s award-winning television franchise and robust digital business, social and gaming audiences.
  •     To supervise the future day-to-day activities of Ellen Digital Ventures following the launch of ellentube, WBTVG has tapped digital industry executive Jill Braff to serve as General Manager, reporting to Mike Darnell, President, Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative Television, and Donna Redier Linsk, Executive Vice President, Business Operations and Programming, Telepictures. Braff will also work closely with Ellen show executive producers Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner, and she will be responsible for managing the operations of the new venture.
  •     A 20-year digital industry executive, Braff was previously Executive Vice President of Digital Commerce for HSN. Before that, she was CEO of Scrapblog, a social photo business that had more than 2.5 million registered users. Braff was also a leader in the early mobile gaming market, recognized for building Glu Mobile into a public mobile game company as Senior Vice President, Global Publishing. Earlier in her career, Braff held marketing positions at, The Learning Company, SEGA of America and Nintendo of America.

About The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Now in its 12th season, The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues to be the daytime destination for laughter, generosity and the biggest stars from television, film and music. Ellen has become the place for today’s topical stories and the showcase for the most viral sensations from around the world. The show has now earned an impressive total of 51 Daytime Emmy® Awards. Originating from Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is produced by A Very Good Production and WAD Productions, Inc. in association with Telepictures, an industry-leading and Emmy® Award–winning producer of syndicated programming, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin and Andy Lassner serve as executive producers.

# # #


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Posted On: Burbank, Calif. October 30, 2014

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